Are your terrazzo floors in need of a little TLC? A to Z Marble Restoration offers restoration services that bring them back to life! Our team will examine your current floors and recommend a cost-effective restoration solution to make them like new again. We can fill holes with marble chips and epoxy to give you a more durable floor that will last for years to come. Once we have filled the holes, we will sand, grind and seal your terrazzo floors to bring their old sparkle back!

Make sure your floors can stand up to heavy foot traffic-get in touch with A to Z Marble Restoration based in Miami, FL regarding your terrazzo restoration appointment today.

What exactly is terrazzo flooring?

Hollywood and Miami, Florida's A to Z Marble Restoration has years of experience servicing terrazzo flooring. Terrazzo is a little harder than marble, though it has marble in it. It is made up of marble chips set in concrete and polished to a high shine! With this flooring material, you'll get the gorgeous look of marble without having to worry about durability.

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